We are Qreenno.

As impartial efficiency engineers we offer across-the-board
advisory and engineering services for the agricultural industry.

We take charge of your concerns.

We are efficiency engineers with a proven track record. In the complexity of agricultural handling processes we understand what is required to foster innovation and deliver solutions. It is how we add value to your production process.

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We are flexible

Our work ranges from sorting and product handling to track & trace and subsidies


Quality, size, colour, manual, automated, weight, internal, external, optical, NIR, length.

Track & Tracing

Traceability, labelling, coding, SSCC, programming.

Climate Control

Product storage, humidity, temperature, air conditioning, refrigeration, control.

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Efficiency Engineers

Qreenno is light-weight, swift and personal. Which makes our involvement and impact bigger. We attend to your needs and provide a – positively – critical perspective. In addition, we pay careful attention to get the best out of everyone’s unique contribution in the handling process.

We are not affiliated to any particular supplier – thus think entirely from your perspective. Like this we ensure advice that’s about efficiency and performance only. Our strength lies with our expertise and experience in the agribusiness. Because we speak the industry’s language, we transform your challenges into solutions. Whether a new processing line, the adjustment of an existing line or an entirely new factory, we apply an integral improvement of the production process.

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